Jesper Böjeryd

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About me

I am a Swedish expat and 6th year PhD student at UCLA, with a previous history as a research assistant at the Swedish House of Finance at Stockholm School of Economics, and the Riksbank (the Swedish Central Bank).

My research interests lie in empirical macroeconomics in general, and I work with micro-level heterogeneity and exploit different exposures to shocks to disentangle transmission channels and explain aggregate outcomes. I have many years of experience using household data in empirical micro, and I am currently exploring questions of monetary policy, credit use, and house prices using these skills. I also do work in financial macroeconomics.

I complement my empirical work with structural models to illustrate mechanisms and keep macro theory and micro results together.

My free time I spend hiking and cooking. For longer breaks, I go to Stockholm, its archipelago, and my hometown Karlstad, and at least once a year I will head north with my backpack and tent to trekk. I used to have many hobbies (volunteer work as an instructor in mathematics, member of marching bands and a symphonic orchestra, playwright), but during PhD life, I focus on staying in touch with friends and nature, exercising, and occasionally playing the trombone.

My Swedish family name turns out to be difficult to pronounce, so here’s a guide to an English approximation.

Intermediate level: Split it up into Boy-ɛ-reed, where ɛ is as in ‘‘sell’’.

Advanced level: Split up by Bɜ-yɛ-reed, where Bɜ is as in ‘‘bird’’

Jesper is pronounced Yes-per, as in ‘‘yesperday’’ – but I don’t mind Jesper.